These are some testimonials from our patients.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive a child for several years. First on our own then with the help of a fertility specialist. We took all of the tests, tried the inseminations and the medications, and after 2 miscarriages, some cysts and broken hearts, my husband and I took a break.  At the end of July 2005 I decided to try acupuncture. I had read that acupuncture had helped many women get pregnant and helped them keep their babies and since it relaxes the body I figured what could it hurt.  When I met with Dr. Liao he told me to give him 3 months.  I went to weekly treatments with Dr. Liao, started taking  herbs and watching my diet.  I enjoyed my treatments so much, especially the evening sessions as it was a great way to relax at the end of the day.

At the end of October just 3 months later I found out I was pregnant.  Dr. Liao suggested that I continue my treatments for three months as he informed me that it would help sustain the pregnancy.

In July 2006, I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl.  Dr. Liao and his staff were such a big part of helping bring this baby into the world and I will be forever grateful.  
Thank You Dr. Liao.
– Carrie Berg.

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I was diagnosed with low grade lupus in 1993. After two years of feeling very fatigued and scared I felt I needed a change and I found Dr. Liao and acupuncture.

Well to my surprise after a couple of treatments I had energy back. Not only energy but I really felt good and I didn’t have all the joint pain. I was treated three times a week for a while and then once a week just for good measure.

I can’t help but feel my lupus would have progressed without the help of acupuncture!
Acupuncture also helped when I pulled my back.

After not seeing Dr. Liao for about 4 years I am now seeing him again for osteo arthritis in my knee. He has so far helped with the pain and I can walk without dragging my leg.

I really believe in acupuncture and I am proof that it works!. I also must mention that Dr. Liao is a very kind, caring and understanding person.
– Connie Hill.
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During 1983 I was diagnosed with a progressive lung disease. Over the years the disease has slowly reduced my lung capacity to forty percent of normal. The reduction of oxygen into my system, along with the side effects of prescribed drugs, resulted in severe numbness to my lower limbs, a low endurance level, loss of sleep, and a low energy level.

I recently started treatment with Dr. Liao, consisting of acupuncture supplemented with GREEN STRENGTH natural herb. After receiving the first treatment I noticed an improvement in my energy and endurance levels. After a few weeks of treatment the numbness was almost gone from my legs and feet, I was getting a good nights sleep and my breathing had become easier and deeper. I credit Dr. Liao and GREEN STRENGTH for my improvement.

I thank Dr. Liao for introducing me to GREEN STRENGTH, a natural cure with no side effects. I recommend GREEN STRENGTH to anyone with reduced lung capacity and the side effects associated with reduced oxygen levels .
– Inman.

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I was diagnosed with Scleroderma in March of 1996. After exhausting search and research of my medical options, I realized that there was and remains no medical breakthrough for Scleroderma with conventional medicine. Iopted for acupuncture and organic foods to deal with the Scleroderma.

I began treatment with Dr. Liao in 1999. By te time I arrived at Dr. Liao's Eastern Medical Office, my entire body was limited with regard to full range of motion. Soon, thereafter, I was in an automobile accident. My continued acupuncture treatment put me over this hurdle. My body continued to recover. Acupuncture was a blessing!. Full range of motion gradually returned to me. I observed Dr. Liao positive approach and adopted what I observed in his practice.

I am so grateful that I have received the medical assistance from Dr. Liao.
– Irene C. Lopez.

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Over a dozen years ago, Lyn Perry suffered excruciating head and face pain for elongated periods of time, forcing her into the head- between- the -knees- position,  totally incapacitating the dear person.   We visited, consulted every Medical discipline, every Dental discipline. Only solution offered was to surgically severe the large nerve to eliminate the pain. It would have engendered a saging facial profile. Our chiropractor, on a hunch, visited the next building housing Eastern Medical Group, consulted with Dr. Liao, and reported to Lyn. Essence is that, over a few years, three entire regimens, the excruciating facial and head pain has diminished to manageaable state and Lyn has been able to carry on successfully these last eleven years.  In the spring of 2005 lower extremities pain encroached upon her life.  In the fall, Lyn resumed treatments with Dr. Liao and we can report that he has her mobile and comfortable the majority of the time.   Over the years, Lyn has suffered severe headaches two to three times weekly. Dr. Liao is the only health care provider who always gets Lyn relief from these headaches.  Lyn can function to the degree that she appears to be normal, not to be under duress, thanks to the skills-implementation of Dr. Allen Liao.  Cause of the problems? Possibly a near-death auto accident at age 18.

Eleven years ago Bob Perry was experiencing pain in both elbows and both knees.  Dr. Liao's regimin eliminated the pain in the two elbows and one knee. The other knee is such a mess that three orthopedic medical groups, each, wants to remove surgically the knee structure and replace it with a mechanical knee.  Earlier this year, Dr. Liao started working with Bob to increase his lungs capacity, diminished because of smoking, and with new knowledge has been rehabilitating the severly damaged knee, obviating surgery.  Progress is being made in increasing lung capacity to such an extent that, from being on oxygen full time, to now being on oxygen only occasionally, and right knee function slowly increasing and pain usually non-existant. He also has been working on lower back damaged area and right hip including sciatic. Favorable progress is reported in each damaged area.  Frankly, quite remarkable.  The traditional, Western M.D.s want to surgically assault the troubled areas. None-invasive procedures, when they work, are vastly superior to the knife and risks attendant thereto, including error, infections, elongated recovery periods. Holistic.  Try it. You might like it. It may work and maybe you can avoid surgery and the high risks attendant thereto.

We both appreciate Dr. Liao's diligence, intelligence, good attitude with patients and his seeming genuine caring about success of his efforts for the patient's and patients' benefit.
– Bob and Lyn Perry.





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